Ecommerce Website Design


The Flat Pack Company supply premium quality flat pack kitchens to customers and the trade across the UK. They wanted to start selling online and asked us to create an e-commerce website for them.

Flat Pack furniture is pretty straightforward for the customer. Behind the scenes it’s a whole different story with over 1,900 products and countless variations. We had to build a site that was easy for users to find what they wanted and made sure they got through to purchase.


Keeping it simple with over 1,900 Products leads to a 300% increase in sales

Style for Every Screen

With a large number of users finding the site on a mobile device it was important to make sure the experience was just as impactful across screen sizes.

E-commerce sites can sometime lose usability when switching to mobile, but with a few changes we were able to keep the streamlined ordering process for the site. Mobile purchases now make up 35% so it’s a good job we did!

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen or you want to check out our work, head over to their new site.

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