McArthurs Pub


There is always something going on at McArthurs chain of pubs in Switzerland and it was important that they let their customers know. The old website didn’t have the functionality to let them update events, like weekly live sports and quiz nights, to keep information current so all updates had to go through social media.

With so much more to offer it’s customers McArthurs approached us to help them create a new website that would be a central hub for everything going on at their pubs in Lenzburg and Thun. The new site now lists all events including live sports on a weekly basis and customers can book firectly on the site.

The team were also intorudcing a new merchandise range so we careated an ecommerce store where customers can purchase items and gift vouchers. Bookings through the site have increased and helped to streamline operations in each pub and with the ability to schedule in events well into the future the new website has saved time for the staff allowign them to focus on waht they do best. A great result!


“The new website is exactly what we have needed for a long time. The ability to streamline operations has been a great time saver for all the staff.”

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