Why You Should Consider a Video Marketing Strategy

You could argue that online video marketing is not a new concept and businesses have been using videos to promote their products and services for decades. How modern video platforms have revolutionised the way a business approaches online marketing and the exponential rise of modern video marketing strategies has changed the way that we look at the online landscape altogether. When you consider recent developments such as the introduction of Facebook Cover Videos then you can really begin to see how crucial it is to at least consider a video marketing strategy.


Why Choose Video?

It is actually quite incredible how much video has made our daily lives easier. You can use YouTube to find a help tutorial for almost every topic known to man and videos have really shaped the way in which a modern business approaches online marketing. The rise of mobile platforms has also further fuelled the need for many businesses to consider an online video marketing strategy. Indeed, online video now accounts for an astounding 50% of all mobile traffic.

This figure is expected to rise to 80% by 2019 so it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! We’ve looked at a few more stats and there is a strong argument that embedding videos on landing pages can increase your conversion rates by up to 80% and video posts as a whole can generate 135% more organic reach on Facebook than if you were simply just to post photos.


An Online Video Marketing Strategy

When you consider some of the stats that we have outlined above then you can really begin to see how effective video can be at promoting not only your products and services but also getting your brand’s message out there as well. There are also more platforms than ever before making an online video marketing strategy viable for almost every type of business. Social media platforms such as Instagram are focussing on video more than ever before and actively encouraging businesses to do the same.

Of course, not every business has the budget to spend on a high-tech video strategy but you don’t have to spend a fortune to record good quality video content. Smaller businesses and SMEs can simply pick up a smartphone or tablet and begin recording immediately. You can buy a tripod for a smartphone or tablet and begin making videos using these devices. However, bigger businesses may want to focus on more professional video production as there really is no substitute for expertise.


Looking to Start Some Video Marketing?

If you’re considering a new online video marketing campaign then Tomorrow Design can help. Not only do we focus on web design but we also have the tools and know-how to help you get your video marketing strategy off to the perfect start. If you have a few ideas of your own or you simply need some help on where to begin the new can certainly help you get started. Get in touch today and we can help make your video marketing dreams a reality!

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