Questions to ask your Web Designer

If you’re looking for a new web designer or web design company to work with, then you want to make sure you’re getting the best. Here are some quick questions that you can ask any web designer before you get started working with them.

Can I see your Portfolio?

A web designer should have an existing portfolio of sites and projects that they can show you. Ideally, they’ll have done something in a similar industry as yours, then you can evaluate it. Take notes of the parts you like and dislike, then the designer can use this to influence your site design.

What Support Packages do you Offer?

After the initial web design, you may require updates and changes to be made. You might spot a plugin that you like on another site or have stock that you need to be changed. A designer may have different maintenance packages that you can pick from, tailored to your individual needs.

How Long will the Site Take?

You may be itching to ask this from the outset, but you’ll need to give the designer information first. Tell them what you want from the site, what you want it to do and the features you want it to have. After you do this, your designer will be able to give you a more accurate insight into how long it will take and how much it would cost you.

What do you need from Me?

If you’re moving your site over or tweaking an existing one, then your designer may need some things from you too! This could be access to your existing server or details of who your site was built by initially. Understanding this expectation initially can make the progress on the site much smoother.

Will the Site be Responsive?

With mobile search getting bigger and bigger, it’s important for your site to look great on mobile too. Check with your potential web designer to find out if this will be the case and how they will achieve that.

Can you Create a Mock-up?

If you want to see what your site will look like in a more concrete sense, then you can ask the designer if they would make you a mock-up. This will give you insight into what it will actually look like and you can tell them how you think it looks. This is a good point to discuss your own preferences and the things you want to take pride of place.

If you’d like to come along and chat through any questions with us then we’re always happy to help. Contact us to book an appointment to talk to our designers.

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