What You need to Know about Accelerated Mobile Pages

If you are in web design or if you’re in charge of your company’s website then you might have encountered accelerated mobile pages. If you have not then fear not as we at Tomorrow Design are here to help you understand exactly what these are and how they can affect your business. AMPs affect search and how someone searches for your company and they are becoming increasingly important in the modern digital landscape so should you consider them for your own business site?


Accelerated Mobile Pages Explained

The simple answer is yes, you should consider them and we are going to tell you why. We will try to explain these as simply as possible and essentially, an AMP is a project from Google and other partnering platforms that aims to design mobile pages that will load extremely fast. It’s actually a pretty simple concept and in essence, it is basically a form of HTML. You could consider these as diet HTML pages if that makes things a little easier to understand! The pages are designed to be lightweight meaning that they can load faster than others.

They are now being used by more and more companies such as Facebook, Apple News and others so they are backed up by some of the web’s biggest heavyweights. The design and architecture of these devices allow them to offer an open response solution which basically means that they are open source which allows businesses to acquire the source code with a license.


Why AMPs are Important

These mobile pages are becoming increasingly important for web developers and business owners alike. The idea of the whole platform is based around readability and pure speed and factors such as images not loading until they are scrolled into view are gradually becoming a thing of the past thanks to accelerated mobile pages. The JavaScript will do all the hard work for you so you really can begin to see how AMPs could push your website to the next level.

You can start building AMPs for your site now that you have a basic knowledge. You need to ensure that these pages are valid because as we mentioned, they are diet versions of HTML pages. However, they can be very strict in terms of you build the HTML with the tags having to be in a certain order in many cases. There are also certain restrictions on what you can and cannot use when building these pages and if you ignore this advice then your page may become invalid.


Here to Stay?

Now more than ever the online landscape is dominated by mobile and consumers these days are more likely than ever to leave your website immediately if it does not load instantly. Not having AMPs on your website could affect the bounce rate of your site as a whole so perhaps it might be time to start thinking about adding them to your site. Luckily, we know all about them so if you need any more information then get in touch today and we can help!

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