Effective SEO Tactics in 2017


Mobile is the Future

Naturally, you want to target as many people as possible and Google will now rank mobile-optimised sites higher than their traditional desktop counterparts so ensuring that your code is mobile friendly is of higher importance than ever before. Even if you are not strictly targeting mobile users, the benefits of having a mobile-friendly site far outweigh the negatives.


Content is Still King

Marketers used to be able to just stuff an article full of keywords to increase the ranking of a site or landing page but the result was often unpleasant to look at and easy for bots to invade. Keyword stuffing was a trend but quality content is always going to be an effective tool for boosting your website and is much more than just writing a nice article and quality content can be promoted on social media and used to promote your products or services.


Meaningful Link Building

Getting links from other sites is still effective at improving your site’s ranking for both specific pages and the site as a whole. SEO executives have taken this method to the extremes in the past but these days are over. Google can spot when you are overloading a site with random links so adopting this tactic will do little for your SEO in 2017 but just like great content, meaningful relationships are priceless and establishing relationships with influencers and bloggers will undoubtedly give you a boost in the long run.


Focus on User Experience (UX)

Google always encourages web designers to focus primarily on providing an excellent experience for the user. As the algorithm evolves to new heights, well-designed websites come to benefit the most. A good user experience is now noticed by Google. The goal of UX design is to provide a satisfying experience for the visitor so smooth navigation and positive emotion on a website can actually work wonders for your SEO in 2017.

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