Top Tips for Exceptional Web Design

Here at Tomorrow Design, our web design Glasgow team get asked a lot of questions about how we design our websites and if you’re a regular reader of our blog then you will be aware of how much we like to share our knowledge with others. Designing a website can be a rigorous process and a lot of organisations can get bogged down focussing too much on the aesthetics. However, to achieve your perfect website there is much more to consider than how the site looks so we’ve listed a few tips on how you can get more out of your web design efforts.


Keep it Simple

Of course, the look of your website is important but many of your visitors will base their opinion of your site on a specific piece of information. Adding unnecessary design elements can actually have a detrimental effect and clutter your website to the point that your visitor cannot find that vital piece of info or that CTA button. Some ideas to keep things simple would be not to use too many colours and also consider your use of typefaces and graphics. Only use them if they will help a visitor complete a task!


Focus on User-Centricity

Every single individual browsing the web will have different preferences when it comes to interacting with websites. It’s for this reason that user-centricity is so important. The preference of your visitor will affect how they view, interact with and use your website. A key factor to successful web design is to conduct users testing.

Gathering feedback from lots of different people can really benefit you in the long run by highlighting glaring issues with your site that you or your team may have overlooked. A broad range of feedback will allow you to pick up on ways to dramatically improve your site.


Consistency is Key

Your navigation on a site should always be consistent and this should tap into the overall feel of the site as well. Our web design Glasgow team place a huge emphasis on making our client’s websites consistent in the sense that backgrounds, colour schemes and typefaces all match. The tone of your writing should be consistent with the brand image that you are trying to portray and this should reverberate across all facets of your website. This will give off a better impression in the long run and hopefully lead to more conversions on your site.


Up Your Imagery Game

For elevating your web design projects, upgrading the quality of images can prove to be an astute move and one that our web design Glasgow team utilises often. Try not to use the free images that everyone has access to and focus on premium stock images. The level above this would be to create your own high-quality photographs. Of course, this requires time and resources so it will not suit every business but even combining your typography with your existing images can make them more original and assist further in delivering your brand message.

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