What can we Expect from SEO in the Coming Months?

We discussed a couple of weeks ago our predicted web design trends for 2018 so we thought we would delve a little deeper and look at search engine optimisation in particular. You could argue that 2017 was a really great year for SEO and we fully expect the next 12 months to be just as action-packed. We’ve had a bit of brainstorm and have come up with some ideas as to where we think SEO is headed in the immediate future.


Video & Voice Will Dominate

It cannot be denied that our online interactions are becoming ever more visual and this will continue into 2018. Faster internet and more social media platforms have facilitated this and the general desire to engage with more videos has led to the rise of video. Facebook cover videos are perhaps the most recent example but we see video continuing to dominate this year in terms of search engine optimisation.

When it comes to voice, sales of digital home assistants went through the roof this Christmas and your average SEO executive is now having to step up and consider the implications of voice search with the Amazon Echo and Google Home now household items for millions of families worldwide. We expect SEO to focus on voice search content is ranked in 2018. Watch this space.


Search Engine Optimisation Will Expand Beyond Google & Bing

Last year, there was an increased desire from companies to rank highly in digital space outside Google. Of course, Google still dominates as you would expect but there is the idea that third-parties such as Amazon and Yelp could gain traction this year in terms of SEO.

It certainly is an interesting concept that we look forward to exploring in the coming months. Indeed, Google has reigned supreme for so long that perhaps it is time that some other companies stepped up to the proverbial SEO plate.

Emergence of Hyperlocal Search & Targeting

2017 was a major year for local search and we feel that “hyperlocal” search is the next stage in this development. What we mean by this is the active targeting of customers based on their physical proximity.

There are more mobile users than ever before and with the rise in use of AR technologies, local SEO is becoming ever more powerful. Subsequently, we expect to see an increase in hyperlocal keywords to optimise for more locally relevant appearances.

Another Big Year for Search Engine Optimisation?

These are just a few of the areas where we feel that things could develop over the coming months but there are plenty of other areas of SEO that will develop as well. 2017 was a good year and we expect 2018 to be just as eventful if not quite as exciting. Nonetheless, Tomorrow Design will be here to bring you all the latest news so be sure to check our blog regularly for some key updates.

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