Social Listening & Engaging With Your Audience

Social listening is becoming more and more of a priority for a business or organisation as part of a social media strategy and most companies are beginning to understand the value and importance of using this tool to engage with an audience. Twitter is probably the channel that we think of first when we consider social listening. Only 9% of users will include your Twitter handle when discussing your brand so that’s an incredible 91% of Tweets that you will not be notified of. Social listening is all about tapping into those tweets!

Now that you have some great keywords and an idea of how social media listening works, it’s time to consider your strategy. You can have the best keywords and tools at your disposal but without a sound strategy, you won’t be able to use them effectively. The engagement strategy should focus on responding to the conversations that you have found using your keywords. You will likely find all types of engagement including reviews, praises and complaints.

Naturally, having an individual who is skilled at dealing with different types of engagement will be the key to communicating with these individuals effectively. The social media channel also plays a key role so take this into consideration. Naturally, a response on LinkedIn will be structured differently to a response on Twitter.

Evaluating over time will allow you to adapt and make adjustments to your strategy if necessary. You will make mistakes every now and then and it really is a learning curve. Not all of your responses will receive a favourable response so it really is a case of keeping track of what is working and what isn’t.

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