Using Snapchat Marketing for Business

We really love Snapchat as a social media platform and the company went from strength to strength in 2016. While not primarily known for its use in business we thought we would discuss whether Snapchat is a viable social media platform for your business or organisation. The key point is to know how to use Snapchat effectively to promote a product or service. Additionally, the popular app can be used to engage with your audience so how exactly do you get started?

Another of our favourite Snapchat marketing business uses is the social media apps ability to effectively run promotional offers and competitions. Offering competitions is a great way to engage with your audience in most cases and adding Snapchat to the mix often proves fruitful. Contests and competitions help move your audience towards your product or service and is a good way to keep people interested. A good example would be to offer your audience a coupon or promo code. A 10% discount would certainly go a long way to getting people to buy your product.

Employees have the advantage of being able to travel around the work premises so sometimes a video or two behind business curtains can cause a stir among the public. Showing your audience the back office or warehouse or give a mini-tour of your building can effectively keep them interested in your brand as you are giving them almost restricted access that is not granted every day. It’s a fun way to engage with an audience if you have an interesting or spacious workplace.

Finally, we have the ability to showcase new products. This one is of paramount importance and you can easily show off new products using Snapchat marketing techniques. Making potential customers aware of the Snapchat launch before you create your videos can encourage new users to follow your Snapchat in the first place. This is one of our favourite modern marketing tools and it really works well!

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