The Worst Email Marketing Mistakes

If you’ve heard the buzz around email marketing then you might want to get your business involved. Before you dive in with this new venture, check out these common email marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Most people have their emails sent to their smartphone so having a desktop only design will hinder your campaign. Having a well-designed campaign will allow all users to see your correspondence easily.
  2. Sending out emails to all of your subscribers can actually be detrimental, as the information might not be relevant. For example, other companies won’t be interested in the same deals as you are offering consumers. Split up your email list to make sure the right information goes to the right people.
  3. When it comes to writing the subject line you might be stumped but don’t be tempted to write just anything. This is often the deciding factor when it comes to the recipient opening your message so ensure that it is clear and concise.
  4. Once you’ve set up your campaign you’ll want to make sure it all works correctly. Some business owners forget this step or believe that it won’t need to be checked. Test out the links in your email as well as reading over the content and your campaign will do much better.
  5. Sending out emails is great but you should be tracking how well they do, whether with email marketing software or exclusive deals. This will act as a guide as to what works best and what your customers are interested in.
  6. Email marketing is a double edged sword and it can be easily overused, much to the annoyance of the recipients. Too many emails will cause people to unsubscribe to your service and then you’ll have a smaller database for the next campaign. It can also discourage clients from visiting your site, as they may feel that they’re bombarded with simply too many communications.
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