Increase Conversions on your Company website

So many business owners are fixated on creating a company website and attracting traffic but in reality this is only half the battle. The next piece of the puzzle is to improve your rate of conversion, as this is what really makes money for your business. To put it simply, you can have a site and have visitors but unless they buy, book or get in touch then your strategy isn’t working. This can be down to a number of factors, including the design of your website and who you are targeting.

If you’re driving leads from social media or advertising campaigns and not seeing conversions then you could be targeting the wrong people. They might check out your site but they might just bounce back off it if they’re not the intended audience.

Websites can be functional at a glance but if you actually attempt to complete a transaction you could encounter issues. Test out your site and figure out how easy it is to buy, as this is where your users might be having trouble.

Do you give your customers enough information on your product? If you don’t then they might have some niggling questions that will lead them to leave without purchasing. This is known as basket abandonment, when they have their basket all ready to go but leave it at the last minute. This can be because they don’t have enough information about the product, have second thoughts or realise that the price is higher than they thought.

If you need help targeting the right kind of customer, taking them through a transaction or improving your web design then get in touch. We can assess your current company website and tell you what you could be doing to improve your conversions rate. Become a business of tomorrow with us.

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