Google’s Advice on Optimising for the Mobile First Index

In the next few months, Google will be rolling out their brand new mobile first index. This will lead to a massive reshuffle in their search engine rankings, those that don’t have responsive design implemented in their site will surely drop in these rankings. They’ve released some advice, and we’re here to help you understand what the mobile first index jargon will mean for you.

Changing your M Dot Site

If you want to log into the mobile versions of some sites, you may be redirected to an ‘m dot’ version. This means that instead of ‘www’ at the start of the address, you’ll see an ‘m’ that stands for mobile. Google are recommending that webmasters create responsive, adaptive design instead of using different versions of their site.

If you are using an ‘m dot’ version then it’s time to switch up your design. Create a website that can be viewed on any device and then redirect the old version to the new version. If you use the correct type of redirect, then you’ll still get all of the SEO value of the old site on the new version.

Making the Most of the Reshuffle

As Google switch up the way they rank sites with this mobile first index, there’s a lot of opportunity for savvy site owners. While organic SEO can take a while to build up and show results, you could climb these rankings almost overnight when this mobile first index launches. Your closest competitors could be placed further down in the rankings, which gives you the opportunity to take their place.

We know that this mobile first index will be here before the year is out, so it’s a great time to prepare. If you’d like some help to get your site ready for the change, then get in touch with us.

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