Some Ideas to Help Give Your Brand a Voice

Brand management used to be as simple as creating a logo or introducing a new mascot or colour scheme to your business. The market used to be dominated by large companies whose logos were synonymous with their products. Over the last few decades, brand management has developed massively and now you could argue that individual brands have their own voice and even a personality.

The brand has become more powerful than the trademark and these days, a company will plough huge amounts of resources into content, imagery and messaging. We are now in an age where any interaction your company has affects your brand image and this includes everything from the workspace to the employees that work for your company. For this post, we thought we would look at what you and your team can do to help define your brand.


What Image do you want to Present?

Of course, we focus on web design here at Tomorrow Design but we can also help you brand your website the way you want! However, this can take a lot of thought and some word association is an excellent exercise to complete if you’re struggling to come up with ideas. Write down a list of words that you would like your customers to say when they think of your brand.

This can give you an idea on how you want not just your website but your entire company to present itself. This is a simple but very useful exercise that you and your employees could conduct to help define what you think your company is and also what it is not. You can use this to help make your brand clearer and more cohesive.


Give Your Brand a Personality

This is another fun exercise that we have read about that companies have used to help define what the feel their company is. Yet again, this can be done individually or with your employees and it could just help give you some new ideas for branding your business or organisation. It’s a little abstract but highly creative and we’ve used it to help some of our clients explain to us what they are looking for when it comes to branding their website.

Basically, you should think of your company as a real person. Think of as many personality traits as possible! What sex are they? Are they confident or unassuming? Which celebrity would they play in a film? These are the sorts of questions that could really help give your brand a voice as well as a clearly defined image and a set of core values. Once you have a small profile built up you can begin to think about the relationship that your brand would have with its customers.


Brand Management Involves Storytelling

Finally, you can consider the story that you want your company to tell. Consumers connect with brands that engage with them and this is much more than just offering a product or service. Some brand managers even recommend breaking down your brand into the main components of storytelling.

These can include the use of a main character at odds with a villain. For example, the villain of a company that sells weight loss products would be weight gain. Try and think about the problem that you are trying to solve with your product or service and this could become your own villain!

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