The Importance of Mobile Optimised Websites

In 2017 it is more important than ever to have a website that is optimised for mobile use. It was first reported in November 2016 that mobile search had finally overtaken desktop search so already you can see how important it is to have mobile optimisation for your website. Google is beginning to penalise sites that lack mobile optimisation so there really has never been a better time to make sure that your current site is up to scratch.

In the era of sophisticated smartphones and tablets, mobile optimisation for your website opens up a whole new host of possibilities for the products or services that you offer. Mobile searches often lead to impulse buys and thanks to technologies such as 4G and LTE, mobile users can access your website with just a few clicks while they are out and about. If your site isn’t mobile friendly then most potential customers will immediately leave and try another – a wasted opportunity!


The Benefits?

Mobile optimisation really can lead to an increase in sales for a number of other reasons too. Naturally, an increase in visitors will increase the likelihood of purchasing behaviour and as long as you have the right features installed on your site, customers should be able to purchase with ease from their phones or tablets. With just a few clicks products can be added to the basket and the payment processed with ease making for a convenient and enjoyable experience for the customer.

Indeed shopping from your mobile now exceeds shopping from your PC or laptop but mobile optimisation is not just a must for ecommerce sites. People are increasingly doing all sorts of online activities from their phones and tablets including playing games, reading the news and checking the weather but above all else, your customers expect mobile sites in this day and age. The age old saying the “customer is always right” rings true and it’s about providing what your customers want from your own website.


Increase Google Ranking

We already mentioned that Google recognises mobile optimisation so you may find that your site will rank lower than your competitors because of this reason. Website SEO is all about setting up your website so that Google will display it as a legitimate search result. Optimising for mobile could yield some pretty pleasant results for your searching rankings over the medium to long term. At its simplest, a mobile-friendly website will rank higher than a traditional one. Simple stuff!

There we have it. Just a few reasons that make having a mobile optimised site essential to your marketing efforts. Here at Tomorrow Design, we have the knowledge, tools and know how to take your site to the next level so whether you are looking to create a brand a new website for your business or spruce up your existing one, we can certainly help you achieve this so don’t delay and get in touch!

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