Predicted Web Design Trends

You could argue that most industries around the world evolve over time and trends come and go with each passing day and this includes business. We are now nearing the conclusion of what has been an eventful year in terms of web design and social media.

Whether it has been the phenomenon of “fake news” or the evolution of Google’s Mobile First Index, there certainly has been no shortage of talking points.

Next year looks set to be just as eventful so for a little bit of fun, we thought we would take a look at what we feel will feature prominently in the new year with regards to web design trends. If you have any ideas of your own, then feel free to drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll add them to this post!


Content that is Truly Authentic

Over the years, we have learned that an online audience values authenticity above all else and this is proving to be more important for web designers than ever before. The web has never been so saturated and this means that authentic content is particularly valuable to your website.

This is especially important when it comes to pictures and images. We feel that stock photos are gradually becoming a thing of the past and we predict that these generic images will decline in use significantly in the coming months.

There are 1.3 billion websites out there and it is getting harder and harder to compete with your competitors which is why taking the simple step of sourcing your own high-quality images is a great idea. One to think about for 2018 especially if you already operate a website of your own.


Homepage Videos

We truly are in the era of video and you may already have noticed some homepage videos on some of your favourite brand’s Facebook pages. According to one statistic, an intro video that is offered to an audience on a social media channel will increase your conversion rate by up to 144%.

This is just one reason as to why companies and organisations are employing online video marketing tactics and out of all our predicted web design trends for the coming year, this one might just prove to be the most significant.

The only major drawback of this strategy is that high-quality video requires high-quality production and this can be quite costly to produce.


Mobile First Index Roll-Out

We discussed a couple of weeks ago how Google had plans to roll out its mobile-first index over the coming months and the nature of this development will shape the web design industry for the next year at least. This is basically a substantial update to Google’s algorithm and you can read about it here.

Essentially, Google has not stated when this update will be released but most within the industry feel that the search giant will gradually roll out the Mobile First Index in the first quarter of 2018 and this update will shape how websites are ranked in the future. This one is important and will be a key web design trend for the coming year.

Which Web Design Trends Will Feature Most?

This is very much up for debate but the three that we have listed above are set to feature prominently in the new year. We are very much looking forward to seeing what next year brings so be sure to check out our blog on regular basis for all the latest news from Tomorrow Design. Additionally, if you’re looking to build or even improve a website, then get in touch today and we can help you achieve your web design objectives!

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