Web Design Presentation: Listening to the Voices of Employees

These days, designing the perfect website is much more than just creating a platform that you feel your customers will enjoy interacting with. While this is important, listening to what your employees have to say about your website is also an astute move. The employee voice is a powerful one and should be listened to. Your staff may have some ideas of their own about how your website should be presented and this could lead to a new perspective for your website.


The Employee Voice

In the modern age, we are living in a Google-first world and a website that is generic, bland and out of date could be considered a liability to your business. Our web design Glasgow team understands this and while the positives of a site are often easy to identify, the negatives should also be considered too. While your business may have a stellar reputation, there could be failings on your website that need to be addressed. Often, these failings can be highlighted by your employees!

Employees are generally tuned into the issues surrounding their workplace and this can include the company website. Sometimes your staff’s impressions of the company’s brand, social presence and general marketing can give an indication of the health of your business and this can be communicated through your website. An effective website will easily communicate your brand ethos and mission statement and while this is done by many businesses, some can come across as bland and a bit generic.

Our web design Glasgow team has the ability to create truly engaging websites and absolutely love it when some of our clients inform us that their employees spoke up and made a point about the site. In today’s collaborative working environment, employees should be encouraged to speak up about any concerns that they may have and this includes your website. Open communication is the key and you should proactively encourage feedback from staff about your website.


Looking Forward

Honest feedback from staff can be invaluable to your website’s image and performance which is why open discussion is so important. Indeed, employee input should be included with on-going website development. Modern websites are dynamic, live and interactive with the aim of encouraging customers to visit and encourage them to move towards CTA interactions. Including certain employees within the development process could really add some depth to your project and using employees with considerable experience in sales and customer relationships could prove fruitful to your design efforts.

We always try to consider the website as a key indicator of business culture and our web design Glasgow team will make effort to present your site in your image. However, a collaborative approach with your employees can work wonders and the site should offer not only your products and services but also show the beliefs and passion that inspired the creation of your company in the first place. The key is to acknowledge and welcome employee’s perspective and you never know, they might have picked up on some small area that can be improved to grand effect!

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