Convey your Company’s Voice through Digital Marketing

The branding and communication channels that are most effective are often those in which the company has stayed true to their voice. With almost every company having a digital marketing based presence these days, how do you convey your unique voice?

Web Design and Branding

When it comes to your presence online, most people will look at your site and social channels. These should reflect your company, without going overboard. We’ve all seen companies that push their personal branding too much, which can come off a bit excessive. This can be the complete opposite of a stuffy brand, but both can be equally problematic.

Having a site that’s built around you, with branding to match creates a digital marketing strategy that is cohesive. That way, your user doesn’t get confused about who you are or what you stand for.

Other Digital Marketing Voices

The voice that you use on a site or in a press release will obviously be much different than how you interact in other ways. Be flexible with your digital marketing tone but still stay true to your brand message. Talk to your customers in a way that’s suitable for the channel that you’re communicating on.

We love the personal touch on corporate pages. Creating a persona on your site or using a person from your company to represent you can make you feel less like a faceless business. Use a blog or social media updates to allow people to get to know you, obviously within reason.

Don’t be Afraid to Make Changes

Although you want to be consistent, you should also allow yourself to make changes. If your user base changes or you think another strategy would be more effective, feel free to switch up your digital marketing strategy. Just get in touch with the Tomorrow Design team if you need any help from us.

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