Could LinkedIn Ads Help Your Business?

You may think of LinkedIn more as a way to network than advertise but many businesses are reporting an increase in sales thanks to LinkedIn ads. This social media platform is one place that business owners seem to be neglecting, could it help your business?

There are a couple of reasons that some people prefer not to use these ads, they usually claim that they cost too much and don’t yield as much traffic as they would like. While this may be true for their individual experience, these are hallmarks of a poorly run campaign.

Effective LinkedIn ads target the businesses and people that you want to reach, which can be extremely useful for B2B companies. You can choose the location, business size and even the titles of people you would like to reach. Many recruiters use this service to find ideal candidates, as they can look out for certain titles and experience levels.

For businesses, this means that you can get right to the person that makes the decisions by targeting an operations manager or managing director. This narrows down your audience and can make your advert more successful and rewarding.

Virtually everyone in business uses LinkedIn in some shape or form, so it’s a readymade way to interact with them. Even B2C businesses can appeal to those using it in their downtime, if they plan and implement the ad correctly. The key with this type of advertising is to approach it in an appropriate way, adverts that work on Facebook won’t necessarily perform well as LinkedIn ads.

If you want to learn how to market your business online without wasting money on ineffective ads then get in touch with us. Become a business of tomorrow with us and make the most of every social media platform out there.

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