SEO Tips from the Google Penguin Update

As you may know, Google has a habit of updating their algorithm to rank sites. The latest update has huge SEO ramifications for businesses, no matter what strategies they use.

This is a substantial update that will mean that the rankings will be taken into account in real time. If you’ve ever worked with anyone on your SEO then you’ll know that it can take a few months for the results to show. This time should be reduced now, as the update will take into account real time changes, without delay.

The update also means that minor details are picked up on by the search engine. It takes each SEO aspect into account individually and assesses their worth to the page. That means links, meta data and tags are all looked at before bringing the combined result together in the rankings.

Link building is still a viable way to increase your ranking but Google will also be looking for much more. It’s no longer interested in just the link, it takes into account where it came from, who else is using it and what other content you have to support it. The old style of link building that involved listing your site in directories will definitely no longer work with this update.

So what does this mean for you? SEO is an ever changing beast and you want to stay at the cutting edge of it. If you’re noticing a decrease in referral traffic or are finding it hard to get up and running with Google then talk to us. We can help you decipher what’s causing the dip in ranking and work with you to fix it. We’re always up to date with the latest SEO news, so no matter what changes we’ll keep you up to date with it.

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