Simple Tips for Online Security

Whether you’re a website owner or just have a business platform on social media, you should be careful with your credentials. It’s all too easy for hackers to take control of your accounts and lock you out permanently.

Although this isn’t a pleasant situation for your personal accounts, it’s even worse if your business account becomes compromised. Online graffiti and spam could be making its way to your users under your name. Simply put, you don’t want your name associated with spam or malicious software online.

Here are some easy to follow tips for better online security:

  • Use unique passwords – We all have those passwords that are easy to remember and so we use them everywhere. This shouldn’t be the case though, as it’s not difficult for a hacker to find out your birthday or wedding anniversary to gain access. Use different passwords for different sites and where possible make them random.
  • Keep access exclusive – If your employee doesn’t need to know your logins then you shouldn’t share them. An ex-employee having access to your platforms is not something that you want and you may even forget to change the password after they leave. If you use Facebook for business then consider giving an employee editor privilege, instead of sharing credentials for your administrator account.
  • Be aware of scams – Phishing emails were once considered laughable attempts to scam people out of money. Nowadays, these emails can look legitimate at a glance and can even take you to convincing landing pages. Recently, users have reported a PayPal scam that emulates the real site and address very closely. Look for signs of fraud and input the link to the site you want to go to, don’t click the link in the email.

If you want help to beef up your online security and need a trustworthy company to help then give Tomorrow Design a call.

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